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Technology Leading the Way 

In the world of business, technology for the past 20 years has been at the forefront of creating competitive advantage. Those who had better technology won and those without lost. Liken to a war, your business is under siege on multiple fronts. What you need is the real-time information to make your battle plans. 

MNCs who understood this have the aid of big software companies like Oracle and SAP to develop for them custom HR, Customer Relations, Business Process systems to aid their war effort. However, SMEs on the other hand lack the funding and know how to develop their arsenal. 


Singapore Government Initiatives

Grants have been provided to the SMEs which take up 90% of the business arena and make up 65% of the jobs taken up by locals. We aim to provide the cost effective solutions to SMEs to help them scale faster. 


Next-Generation ERM & CRM solutions 

We at UpgradeMyBusiness have decided that we brought this technological advantage to the SMEs and provide them with the necessary firepower to help them scale upwards. 

Our system not only incorporates basic functions such as inventory and accounting, we have developed a series of complex modules which can aid in the development of the business through motivation and rewards functions for staff and customers. 

We will grow with each business. New custom modules can be built upon the old layers to constantly UPGRADE with new business challenges. You never know what obstacle is going to come around the bend. 


Adaptive Software Built on Human Logic & Reasoning 

Our software includes attributes such as:

  1. Ease of Usage
  2. Rewarding Efficiency 
  3. Peer Influence 
  4. Positive Reinforcement 


Aim to be Affordable to the Masses

We choose to be affordable and easy to pick up for the majority of SMEs and are targeting majority services related businesses. 

Our software is modular and has basic functions pre-built for each specific industry.